Irrigation Management Support

Our approach bears fruit

Our unique approach to Intelligent Irrigation is the result of more than 16 years of experience around the world. More than a methodology, it seeks to be a form of transferring knowledge of the most advanced techniques into intelligent irrigation for the customer. As a process of continuous improvement that is based both on real-time monitoring and on historical elements obtained year after year in the customer’s fields. Through the use of a wide range of devices and instruments for monitoring and measuring, ranging from satellite images to moisture probes, all integrated with Irristrat™ - Intelligent irrigation management platform - is the basis of Hidrosoph’s vision for building a more intelligent world.

We Deliver Results

• Efficiency - substantial reduction in water, energy, fertiliser and phytosanitary costs;

• Quality - increased crop production and productivity;

• Consistency - consistency between campaigns and multiple production sites;

• Sustainability - increased environmental protection and sustainability in water use.

Easily accessible high technology and technical support always available

Using innovative technology, Irristrat™, which obtains and processes real-time crop, soil moisture and weather data, our team of agronomists analyses what is happening on the land and remotely or locally supports farmers in implementing the most appropriate irrigation scheme in each situation, thus ensuring minimal water and fertiliser waste and achieving the campaign’s goals, both quantitative and qualitative. At HIDROSOPH we know that efficient irrigation is only possible with a combination of high technology and easy access to useful information in real time.

Integration of equipment and technologies for greater precision

Our working process includes the use of own equipment and equipment from various suppliers, from weather stations, capacitance probes and flow meters to NDVI satellite images. We integrate all data to ensure total operability and greater irrigation precision, with a broad and detailed vision.

Useful information by SMS and e-mail, instant and easy to interpret

We send the information quickly and simply, by SMS or e-mail, so that it can be used at the right time. We remove complexity from the way we communicate irrigation schedules, forecasts, probe readings and how readings and images of the crop development directly from the field are communicated.

A Real-time, Totally Results-Oriented Process

Projects are customised for each client, with remote support from agronomy and irrigation experts. Each project is broken down into Irrigation Units, taking into account the following characteristics:

• Soil parameters (type, layers, slopes)

• Crop data (growth stages, root depth, water absorption patterns and stress levels)

• Irrigation systems (characteristics, water quality and availability)

The active elements of the information collected in the field are installed and integrated.

• Instruments for collecting meteorological information, stations, rain gauges (and meteorological forecast).

• Moisture and salinity probes and plant sensors.

• Consumption measuring tools (flow meters, rain gauges)

Once underway and with the support of our team of consultants and agronomists, the irrigation strategy that best serves your global objectives is defined in Irristrat™. Based on the weather forecast data for the coming days, Irristrat™ generates the soil water balance, the irrigation plan and the recommended irrigation schedule. The operation proceeds with:

• Manual or automatic introduction of the irrigation system’s actual operating data, as well as the agronomic data that will enable the entire system to be updated;

• Remote monitoring by HIDROSOPH specialists with the submission of recommendations through weekly telephone conferences for farmer support;

• Follow-up in the field by HIDROSOPH specialists, if necessary and if previously agreed.

PDF: Hidrosoph 2015


We are working for a better planet: we are helping people to help the world. We believe that we can make a difference by connecting state-of-the-art technology to our unique know-how, thus taking intelligent irrigation to a higher level.

We are focused on making our solutions available to the largest number of irrigators so that everyone can irrigate more intelligently.



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