Irristrat ™

Simple, integrated, powerful, and accessible anywhere.

The efficient and sustainable management of water in agriculture has become simpler. Since its market introduction in 2009, Irristrat™ has stood out as the most advanced intelligent irrigation management software, integrating monitoring equipment from leading manufacturers, processing field information in real time and providing accurate information to farmers, for more efficient irrigation with better results. The Irristrat™ platform is a complete system that integrates Irristrat™15 for operational management, Irristrat™ Mobile for greater access mobility and Irristrat™ BI for data exploration and cross-checking.

Irristrat ™

Projects are customised for each client, with remote support from agronomy and irrigation experts. Each project is broken down into Irrigation units with the following characteristics:

• Soil Parameters (type, layers, slopes);

• Crop Data (growth stages, root depth, water utilisation and stress rates);

• Irrigation Systems (characteristics and performance);

• Tools to collect information (weather stations, probes, flowmeters, dendrometers) and the weather forecast.

Irristrat ™ works with all equipment from the leading brands.

After the initial characterisation, customers helped to define the irrigation strategy that best serves their overall objectives.

With the introduction into the system of the data recorded by the support equipment, the soil moisture balance estimate is adjusted and, from this, the irrigation plan and the irrigation schedule to be followed. These irrigation plans, calculated in real time, take into account:

- Evapotranspiration of the crop

- Soil moisture levels;

- Real-time information from the weather stations and the multiple sensors;

- Weather forecasts for the location;

- Irrigation strategies and current needs of the crop.

The customer manually or automatically introduces the real irrigation system operation data as well as the agronomic data that will allow the entire system to be updated.

Irristrat ™ ™ processes and simplifies the information, making it available quickly and easily through graphs, maps, reports and SMS.

The data provided by Irristrat™ is jointly monitored by a team of experts, who work and communicate with the customer, whenever justified.

With Irristrat™15, it is possible to obtain the most relevant information for decision making right from the entry screen. On this panel, the farmer sees the moisture level measured by the probes, the irrigation schedule and the weather forecast for the next 7 days. It can also provide access to alarms, notes and observations from the technicians. Navigation on Irristrat™15 is intuitive and allows consultations and records of weather information, irrigation events, field notes, charts and reports, as well as access to information communicated by the equipment installed in the field.

Access to what is happening in the field, including images the technicians may attach to their notes, is available in a single application.

Irristrat ™ Mobile

Irristrat™ Mobile is an innovative way to access IrristratTM information from anywhere, facilitating communication between users and technicians.

Available for Android and iPhone smartphones, this APP allows users to monitor elements that will help them make the best irrigation decision, directly from the field.

Through Irristrat™ access, users can find out where, when and how much to irrigate at any time, taking into account a powerful proprietary methodology and an irrigation plan engine.

Now, through Irristrat™ Mobile, users have real-time support closer to their crops or wherever they are. Irristrat™ Mobile permits:

- Access to the irrigation plan for your crops:

A table with the proposed irrigation schedule for the next few days is made available to users quickly and easily.

Each day corresponds to a value that will be reflected in the measurement unit used by the irrigation system, which can be time, mm or ET0 % adjustment. Users in the field can activate or correct suggestions from IrristratTM that become available in real time, at their fingertips.

- Viewing soil moisture levels:

Depending on the available equipment for monitoring soil moisture levels, users can access a set of graphs with the dynamics of water absorption and/or nutrients in the observation sites. These graphs allow instant readings for estimated water volume available and details about the dynamics at several root depths. With this visually rich and complete information, users can make educated decisions.

- Access to weather data:

Through the weather forecast service specifically for the contracted location, users can check the forecast for the next 7 days. Graphically appealing, in addition to the temperature and rainfall data, the information also includes evapo-transpiration and wind forecasts, which enable users to make informed decisions according to this extensive information, updated every 6 hours.

- Ability to communicate observations on site, directly into Irristrat™:

The model data used by IrristratTM to generate the irrigation plans includes multiple inputs and enhanced reliability with observation of the dynamics at root level. These elements are supplemented with integrated field observations at the click of a button. Irristrat™ MOBILE allows users to take photographs of the plants at predefined monitoring points and to communicate the phenological state of the plant, the observed level of water stress as well as pertinent information. These elements allow a substantial increase in control and rigour in the application of the irrigation and crop development.

Your mobile phone is your new command centre: in the field or wherever you are. All the information you need for irrigation, at your fingertips.

Irristrat ™ BI

The Irristrat™ product family has gained new features with the introduction of Irristrat™ BI. This module makes it easy to discover patterns and find new management possibilities to make irrigation more efficient and sustainable.

Irristrat™ BI is a complementary module to Irristrat™, which generates real-time reports that allow the development of the irrigation management work to be monitored. The reports can be customised for each user, enabling cross-analysis of any parameter introduced in the system, in particular:

- Expected versus real consumption;

- m3/Ha Consumption;

- Consumption weighted with the effect of weather conditions;

- Behaviour of the soil moisture level;

- Relevant meteorological data and much more;

All this can be seen in aggregate and detailed form, particularly:

- In various time scales (year, month, week, etc.);

- By regions or areas;

- By type of crop;

- By year of planting;

- By planting density;

- or other criteria to be taken into account.

Primary data necessary for Irristrat™ BI comes directly from Irristrat™, automatically and regularly. It can be supplemented with other sources of information provided by users, such as crop yield data, application of nutrients, phytosanitary or qualitative elements that help to extract useful information from correlated elements.

Irristrat ™ is tested and in use on dozens of crops. From large olive groves, maize plantations and vineyards to fruits and vegetables grown in the field or in greenhouses, the results are proven. Millions of records processed annually and kept in the database year after year, allow the construction of a continuously improving customisation system. Irristrat™ BI makes it possible to explore the data statistically and predictively, improving the models and adjusting future operations.

Irristrat ™ BI was developed based on the most advanced BI tools on the market, which gives it unique flexibility. It was designed to respond to very complex and demanding environments, such as Associations of Producers; Large Agricultural Entrepreneurs with geographical and cultural dispersion; Golf Course Operators; and Landscaping Companies, among many others.

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