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Irristrat ™

lrristrat™ is an integrated irrigation management support service, based on software accessible via the Internet.

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AgroZoom: NVDI Images

Spatial analysis, using satellite images, allowing the assessment of the vigour of plant growth.

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Irrigation Management Support

Efficiently managing irrigation and controlling the absorption of nutrients. Our approach bears fruit.

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We commercialise equipment from various manufacturers, which allows us to provide the best option for each project.

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Torriba is taking serious steps with regard to efficient and sustainable water use. Being one of the best and most advanced tomato producers is not enough. Sustainability needs to be a top priority.Torriba
"Now we know better the ideal irrigation appropriations for our associates. With this, we achieve better products."Cadova
The best Portuguese olive oil producer would have to take sustainable practices very seriously. Sovena/Elaia uses Irristrat to manage their irrigation around the world. In 2011, almost 10,000 HA benefited from the help of Hidrosoph.Elaia/Sovena (Olival)
"With Hidrosoph and Irristrat, we are always in contact with the field-measuring probe and the irrigating Farmer for better irrigation management."Associação dos Agricultores do Ribatejo / Joaquim Molinar
"We are currently progressing in irrigation management services for our farmers based on Irristrat, probes and technical support from the Hidrosoph team"Agrobeja
"Through Irristrat, we have been able to integrate the equipment information on all the properties, which simplifies the continuous improvement operation we have implemented."João Coimbra
"We are amongst the largest walnut farms in the Alentejo, and that requires monitoring that can only be achieved with cutting-edge technology. We rely on Hidrosoph in our operations." Herdade da Lentisca
"We are able to measure the quantity of water to be used and the amount that was used in real time, thereby improving our production" Benagro
"With the increase in production costs and the scarcity of natural resources, particularly water, AGROMAIS and their producers invested in Irrigation Management support a few years ago. The professionalism, competence and availability of HIDROSOPH are standards that we have grown accustomed to, in the joint work we have been developing, for agriculture that needs to be increasingly precise and sustainable. With Hidrosoph, AGROMAIS and its producers are continuing on the path of precision agriculture, particularly in the support of irrigation management"Agromais / André Rodrigues
"With the monitoring equipment, the technical advice and the irrigation plan, Hidrosoph helped us to be more efficient and confident in the use of water, with important results on our farm"Asseiceira Velha / Filipe Sevinate Pinto
"For irrigation optimisation and fertilisation in our orchards, we rely on the professionalism of the Hidrosoph team"Global Frut / António Baptista
"Now our producers receive real time information about what is happening in the field"Multitomate
“It was feasible to upgrade the irrigation system and simultaneously reduce the irrigated area by 15 HA, keeping the installation costs low."Penha Longa
"Margins are still decreasing so we have to find alternative ways to produce better." Castro Duarte

Irristrat - The Intelligent Way to Improve your Irrigation

Irristrat is an integrated irrigation management support service, based on software accessible on the Internet. It uses a proprietary, multi-stage methodology, which provides users with precise Irrigation Plans, calculated in real time. Optimise your irrigation - Water, Energy, Fertilisers and Production.

Simple, Integrated, Powerful, and Accessible anywhere

In one single application, there is access to what is going on in the field, including images that the technicians can attach to their notes.

Communication of Alerts and Reports by SMS and E-mail

Irristrat ™ offers a wide range of reports and charts to help you make the best use of the platform.

Technical Support Always Available

Remote technical support from experts on precision agriculture and irrigation is always available.

Integrated Equipment and Easy Interpretation

Irristrat ™ works with all equipment from the leading brands.

No Need to Install Software to have Access anywhere in the world

In web-based and smartphone application versions, an Internet connection is all you need to access all your information.

Get Consistent Results - Campaign after Campaign

The information collected will allow greater consistency in the strategy to adopt between campaigns and on multiple production sites.



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